Trade whole or fractional amounts of pure gold, silver and platinum in your Coin IRA Account the same way you currently trade whole or fractional amounts of cryptocurrency.

Trade Fractional Precious Metals in Your Crypto IRA

In addition to 20 cryptocurrencies, Coin IRA’s Digital Asset Self-Trading Platform now offers account holders with the ability to trade whole or fractional quantities of pure gold, silver and platinum, in amounts as low as $10.  When you purchase fractional metals, you’re buying shared ownership of large physical bars stored at the most secure, independent vaults in the United States.  All fractional metal purchases are 100% allocated to your individual account and backed by the underlying metal. The required underlying inventory will always contain sufficient precious metals product to cover the sum of all fractional interests held by Coin IRA account holders.  Metals may be liquidated for distribution in USD, or whole ounces may be converted to a minted product for physical delivery.

Available Fractional Metals

Advantages of Fractional Metals

Why pay the added fees and costs of maintaining a separate Precious Metals IRA or the higher dealer spreads on a minted product if you don’t need to?  With Flex Metals by Coin IRA, the advantages over a standard Precious Metals IRA are clear:

  • There are no fees to open or maintain your Digital Asset account.
  • Invest in precious metals at a lower cost than purchasing a full bar or coin.
  • Works with any budget. Trade amounts as low as $10.
  • Easily dollar cost average, diversify across different assets, and hedge your account against inflation
  • Take advantage of moving markets in precious metals by trading within your IRA without creating a taxable event
  • Liquidate instantly for immediate credit to your account with the press of a button.  No waiting.
  • Don’t pay for a minted product unless you choose to. Convert to a whole ounce coin or bar for physical delivery online, for the low difference between the value of the fractional metal being converted and the cost of the coin or bar selected, plus delivery.

How Does it Work on Coin IRA’s Digital Asset Platform


Follow the step-by-step instructions to open and fund your new account, or login and navigate to the dashboard of your existing account. On the dashboard, the list of available assets will include 18 cryptocurrencies, as well as Fractional Gold (FGNOK), Fractional Silver (FSNHZ), and Fractional Platinum (FPNOZ).


Navigate to the Trading tab and select “Metal” from the drop-down list. Click on “Buy” and enter the details of your purchase and the Order Details will be displayed. Confirm your order, and your trade will settle in T+2 business days.


Once your trade has settled, your metals then become available to sell. Navigate to the Trading tab, select “Metal” from the drop-down list, and click on “Sell”.  Enter your order details which will then be displayed.  Confirm your order, and the proceeds of the sale will be immediately credited to your available balance.


Buy and sell inside your account as frequently as you like without creating a taxable event. When you are ready to make a withdrawal, have your liquidated funds sent to you or convert your whole ounce holdings to a minted product for delivery for a low conversion fee.

Real Answers from Real People

Whether you want to establish a Self-Directed Digital Asset IRA to invest qualified retirement funds into cryptocurrency or fractional metals, or an Individual Taxable Account to invest funds from savings, checking, or other non-qualified sources, or both, Coin IRA can help. Call 1-888-998-COIN (2646) to speak with an expert, or if you’re that “DIY” kind of person, click on the OPEN AN ACCOUNT button to set up your free account in a few short minutes. Coin IRA Customer Support is available regardless of the option you choose.

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