What Is a Cryptocurrency IRA?

A Cryptocurrency IRA is a simply a self-directed IRA in which you can invest and trade cryptocurrency. The challenge for investors has been that very few custodians have the capability and safeguards in place to track and store digital assets on behalf of their account holders.

Together, Coin IRA and Equity Trust Company, our preferred IRS-approved custodian, bring a wealth of Self-Directed IRA experience and capability to account holders wanting to invest their retirement funds into this new asset class. We ensure that the process is easy, efficient, and compliant from start to finish, and that our account holders’ digital currency assets are stored with best-in-class security and protection.

There are 3 simple steps to start investing in a new Cryptocurrency IRA:

Set up the IRA account for free on the Coin IRA Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.  Choose from Traditional, Roth or SEP IRA.  You can open more than one type.

Decide how you want to fund the account.  One or all of the options below may be available to you:

  • IRA Transfer – transfer of funds from one IRA to another
  • Rollover – rollover funds from a 401k or other employer-sponsored plan to your new Cryptocurrency IRA.  This can be a full or partial rollover or may be an “in-service” rollover.
  • IRA Eligible Contribution

Once your account has received funds, you are ready to start trading.  Go to our homepage and click on “Login To Trading Platform” in the upper right.  You’ll be redirected right to our platform login screen.

As with any other IRA, the IRS requires that your IRA assets be held by a custodian who is responsible for safeguarding your assets and tracking and reporting IRA activities such as contributions, rollovers, transfers, and distributions. In the case of a Coin IRA Cryptocurrency IRA, Equity Trust will safely and securely custody your assets as required by law.

Remember, trades within your Cryptocurrency IRA are not taxable events. Only withdrawals from your account called “distributions” may be taxable, so when you need to withdraw funds from your IRA, it’s always best to consult your tax advisor for reliable information on the requirements and tax consequences of withdrawals based on the type of retirement account you hold.

Customer Support is available from 7 am to 7 pm Pacific Time at 866-924-5421 or by email at customersupport@coinira.com if you need assistance or have questions along the way. You can also submit a form on our “Contact Us” page. Whatever you choose, we look forward to helping you.

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